This page will hopefully offer a resource bank for you all as we learn to navigate this new situation!

It will be updated regularly as new items of interest are found and will include resources to help with your studies, things you can do to keep you in practice, things to stop you getting bored and anything else we can identify.

If you have any suggestions or things you would like to share with everyone, please email details to

Stay safe and keep your brains active!


Call // Response is an ongoing photographic conversation.

Someone posts an image – someone else replies with a new image.

No rules, just a shared conversation through sharing images!

See the story unfold and get involved on the Instagram account:

MoMA is offering a new FREE course in Photography aiming to address the gap between seeing and truly understanding photographs by introducing a diversity of ideas, approaches, and technologies that inform their making.


From our lovely Alumni Ellie Burd:

ALL THIRD YEARS – we’re organising Skype portfolio reviews for one third year every day until we can get back to working in our office. We know what a weird time this is with uni suddenly halting and the shows being up in the air. We want to help!

Please email a pdf or website portfolio to – we can’t reply to everyone, but please know I will look through every single one and we’ll be in touch to organise the calls 

(Please share this as widely as you can) regularly make flick through videos of the books they sell (and they sell lots of rather yummy books!).

They have all these on a Vimeo channel so you can look at books without a library!

Watch here and try to avoiding buying them all!!!

The mighty mighty David Campany has uploaded just about EVERY essay he has ever written on Photography to his website.

Have a read and get the insights from one of the best minds to write about contemporary photographic practice.

(also good for your research files!)

The wonderful team at Stanley Barker Books are doing a series of Fireside chats with photographers live on their Instagram account. Follow them here and tune in – its a FAB list of artists so far

“Every evening this week at 19:30 GMT a STANLEY/BARKER artist will broadcast an informal talk on our instagram feed (@stanleybarkerbooks) live from their studio.
Monday 19:30 gmt – MARK STEINMETZ
Tuesday 19:30 gmt – MATTHEW FINN
Wednesday 19:30 gmt – SAGE SOHIER
Thursday 19:30 gmt – MICHAEL LUNDGREN
Friday 19:30 gmt – SUNIL GUPTA

Photographer Ben Smith has been running Small Voice for several years amassing an archive of over 120 amazing interviews and chats with photographers.

A new conversation is uploaded every 2 weeks – but the whole archive is constantly available.

Details on his site – or find it using your podcast player!

This is an amazing thing – Natasha Caruana’s ‘The Interval’.

You can engage with LOTS of online sessions and events relating to photography – see their website for more info:


This is a collaborative project to share Corona experiences, ran by Format Festival:

FORMAT – #MassIsolation:

We are inviting people around the world to share their experience of the Coronavirus pandemic. Photographs, videos, memes, survival tips and more.Inspired by the Mass Observation projects of the past we all hope that it will form an important visual archive of this moment in history.Follow @massisolation #FORMAT #QUADderby to take part we are asking people from around the world to share their images with the tag #massisolation and #massisolationFORMAT posts will be shared by guest curators @formatfestival and @derbyquad

The might Jim Stephenson (Photographer, Mini Click founder, general good guy) has just started Get Dressed Chats!

Engage and watch live on his Instagram page:

Get Dressed is a series of live short chats with creative people I’ll be doing every weekday at 12 on Instagram. No agenda, nothing to plug, just catching up and seeing how everyone’s doing. A reminder to all of us that there’e lots of people in the same boat.

Every weekday at Midday on my Instagram. Get dressed.

Foam magazine have uploaded their ENTIRE back catalogue online for all to read.

Get your art fix here:

JSTOR have made a huge amount of their articles and journals FREE due to the Corona crisis.

Member institutions can request this – so either check with your library or ask them to request it, more info here:

Also EVERYONE can access free articles and resources here:

LOTS of galleries and museums offer virtual tours of their spaces – so you can visit the museum from your sofa!

This Guardian article reviews and offers links to ten of the best:


A very timely new 4 part BBC series ‘Age of the Image; is a documentary series in which art historian James Fox explores how the power of images has transformed the modern world.

It is great! Get watching here:

Google Maps and Culture – have a wander through a gallery in one side of your kitchen and then visit the left side of your kitchen for a flat white!

Get a FREE subscription to Mubi with your Uni email account – or sign up for a 3 month trial for a quid!

Mobi offer hand picked films – so get watching!

Live chats between artists that share ideas and thoughts related to their practice.

Follow the link to see the current line up and watch previous editions:

Full-Bleed in association with British Journal of Photography, documents photographic culture from around the globe, telling the story of photographers and their pictures. Through a regular series of original short films, FullBleed takes you behind the images, unearthing the stories at the heart of each and every one.

Negative Feedback analogue photography channel, a mix of interviews (Cian Oba Smith, Robin Friend, Alec Soth…) technical stuff on shooting medium/large format and other info such as how to set up an exhibition.

Apparently Gem Fletcher is offering portfolio reviews to third years:
Haven’t found any more details but looks like an amazing opportunity!

The amazing Brendan Barry shows you how to turn your bedroom into a camera!

The wonderful Hot Potato team are designing a series of ‘homework’ challenges to keep us all entertained in lock down!

Follow the briefs on their instagram account:


Fantastic collaborative list of photographers who make work it or at home!

BJP are temporarily offering those who need it their 1854 Digital Access Membership for £1 for the next 3 months.

This will give you 7+ years of British Journal of Photography’s digital archive. You’ll be granted free entry to all of our awards, with opportunities to get exhibited around the world, published in photobooks and seen by industry leaders.

Click here to access the offer and use the code TOGETHER during checkout. You can use the discount on any digital membership option; if you choose quarterly Digital Access, you will get all the benefits for £1.


Pupil Sphere have put out an open call:

COVID-19: Most of us have never experienced anything like this in our lifetime. Social distancing and self-isolation can be a daunting concept. It is important now, more than ever, to keep our minds busy and support our photographic and creative community.

This is why in the midst of re-launching The Pupil Sphere we are asking for submissions of anything you are producing or developing during this terrible time. We would also like to hear how you are staying productive at home or plan on adapting your projects during the coronavirus outbreak.

We will continue to take submissions for the foreseeable future, to be shared on our website and social media platforms.

We hope you will help others like yourself who may be struggling during this time by sharing your work and coping methods.

More info and submission info here:

Gobe Magazine have created a list of project ideas you could explore whilst staying at home:

Great article on Its Nice That where the editor of Riposte magazine on how it could be best to use the time to reassess our relationship with work, rather than quickly pivot to new projects.

Every Thursday The National Theatre will be screening one of their pervious performances.

Watch theatre from the comfort of your sofa!

More info here:

Mark Cousins is a great filmmaker, film critic and known for his brilliant 15 hour documentary The Story of Film that was broadcast on More 4 back in 2011. He has huge respect for his vast knowledge on both documentary and drama on a global level.
40 days to learn Film is a special tutorial / one off 2 hour visual podcast that he made last week and has released for people to watch for free  during this crisis. It gives you ideas on how to read films and see links between art and film as well as filmmaking tips. “Personally I  just love listening to his voice” (Liz!)  Link is below.

Photoworks Digital Edition 6 is now available online, along with a host of other resources!

Stills in Edinburgh is conducting an amazing Cyanotype project free for all to participate in:

Elementary Blueprint was originally planned as a creative experiment for participants across Edinburgh. We wanted to create an alternative photograph of our city using the elements and, in the middle of March, began to post cyanotype paper to community groups and individuals across Edinburgh, with instructions to expose the sheets outdoors, so the paper would be developed by the sun, wind and rain over a 2-week period. We couldn’t have imagined how much the world would change over the weeks ahead. And so Elementary Blueprint has changed too; we are now making this an online project and opening it up to participants from across the UK – we want as many people as possible to take part in this creative project. Help us create an alternative document of this challenging and extraordinary time.


F11 Magazine have put their entire archive online.

Whilst this magazine went out of print in 2017, the back issues are a fantastic resource to delve into!


Photographer Tim Dunk shares tips on how to make portraits through Facetime!


The City College of San Francisco Photography Department has an archive of their “PHOT52 Photographers and Their Images” lectures by photographers recorded live from the CCSF Ocean Campus.

You can view them on Vimeo here:

Grain Projects have just announced a series of free online talks, please see details below. You will need to register for a (free) place.

For full details about all the speakers please click here.

Hoxton Mini Press have been doing a series of talks each week on their Instagram page via live feed.

Check out their page for details: